The Lanyard Markets and the service

There are three main groups of lanyard users: corporate clients, students and event coordinators.  Each of them has their specific needs and requirements with respect to their lanyards, and we’re proud to say that we, at, know and understand what those are.  This is our key to creating the best lanyards for our clients.

Corporate Clients:

lanyardsLanyards are always meant to fulfill the following twin functions: (1) to hold the person’s ID, keycard or badge; and (2) to display the logo, name, or motto of a company, group or association.  This is true for all three groups of lanyard users.  However, these purposes are most critical and evident for corporate clients.

Companies normally have policies concerning security and access as these are important aspects in maintaining the integrity, accuracy and efficiency of operations.   Security concerns include the following, among others: identifying the different access levels allowed by the company, determining the people who should, and should not, receive accesses, ascertaining that only employees can enter the operations floor, and making sure that the company’s assets are secured at all times.  In these and other scenarios, the requirement for employees to always wear their IDs within the company’s premises becomes relevant, thus, the lanyards.

A company must have high quality lanyards for its employees’ IDs, badges and keycards.  The lace of the lanyard itself must be strong and tear-free, and the attachments (such as those that you can find in our site (, i.e. bulldog clips, swivel J hooks, thumb triggers, key rings, badge holders, etc.) must be firmly secured and attached.  If either of these gives way, then the things attached to the lanyard will most certainly get lost or, worse, be used by another inappropriately.

The other equally important need met by good lanyards is the opportunity to market the company.  A lanyard, which clearly and attractively displays the company’s logo, name or slogan, is sure to catch many eyes wherever the employee-wearer goes, say, at the nearest convenience store or fast food chain for lunch, or the metro station when going home.  In these instances, the company gets visibility for itself and, in marketing, that’s the first and most important step.  Who knows, the company’s next big client or next best manager could be walking down its lobby first thing in the morning, thanks to a glimpse of one lanyard.


The potential for lanyards among students is high because all schools and universities require their students to wear IDs.  However, apart from complying with the school’s security measures, students also wear their IDs (and so, their lanyards) for reasons of belongingness and association, showing off their vibrant school pride.  The best examples to illustrate this are inter-school activities, such as quiz bees, cheering competitions and, of course, sports matches.  In these occasions, students come by the hundreds and thousands, flocking themselves into recognizable images or shapes, wearing similarly-colored shirts, and fanatically chanting their alma mater’s battle cry.  And their lanyards would very well be visible from afar like, say, crisscrossing V’s of black amidst a sea of yellow.  When they come in numbers, and when properly coordinated, these items can also serve aesthetic purposes.

Worth keeping in mind is that, with these students, the appearance of the lanyards comes as the most important consideration.  They must be pretty, smart and cool.  The print must be exceptionally clear and the ink must be vibrant, rich and deep (this is guaranteed at, where we have our full Pantone Solid Coated Swatch Library consisting of 80,000 colors).  The younger generation generally appreciates these visual and stylistic matters more than we would, thanks to the artistic trend followed by technology.

Event Coordinators:

The third group is the least popular among the three, but its requirements are just as demanding and its potential is just as great.ID-layardsThe need for lanyards in events is a natural consequence of having several groups of people in these occasions. Normally, there will be three groups: the organizers, the participants and the public. Each of them requires lanyards and IDs to distinguish themselves from the others.  Organizers and their staff would normally be seen sporting black Tees with their lanyards, roaming around and providing assistance all over the place.  Participants will also be wearing lanyards and their respective IDs throughout the event. If the event is something to be watched, as is normally the case, even the spectators will have their own Visitor IDs and lanyards.  In all these instances, lanyards serve as effective tools to easily recognize groups of people because of their color and style.

The types and frequency of events is limitless, and so, the requirement for lanyards.  Lanyards must be of the highest and best quality at all times (as are the ones we produce at because these just may be worn by important people, such as dignitaries, politicians, famous stars, etc.

Our commitment:

Whatever group we are serving, we, at, make sure that we give them the best lanyards they can have, and we confidently make this claim because we know that we understand our clients’ needs.