The Innovative Take of on Custom Patches

Brief History of Custom Patches

Custom patches were first used by the British Army. Their military uniforms had permanently sewn patches to designate their units. American soldiers adopted the use of custom patches in World War I. Other countries followed suit. Military patches were called SSI or shoulder sleeves insignia because they are usually located on the uniform’s left shoulder and their function is denote the unit of the soldiers wearing them.

Custom patches also become a form of recognition in military. Special patches were given to excellent service men and women. The awarding of patches was later on adopted by scouting clubs. Over time, they also created patches to denote their clubs.

Other government employees and staff have also started wearing patches in their uniforms to state the specific department they belong to. Patches are especially popular in the police department. Policemen carry their patches usually located in a PVC case and they present them to civilians whenever they are in a mission.


Patches became more popular when more people got engaged in patch collecting. The collectors were always on a hunt for one of kind patches. Businessmen saw the demand, so many ventured to patch manufacturing. Here at, you will see different kinds of patches that collectors adore. Aside from that, we also do customized patches for your special needs. We guarantee that our products are of excellent quality. Our patches are known for their striking appearance and durability.

Innovative Patches

Our company does not only focus on producing patches with the best aesthetic value and functionality, is also committed to provide our customers with fun experience in customizing their patches as well as in using them. Custom patches are not strictly intended to denote an organization. They can be more functional than that.

Below are some ideas on how you can be innovative when using custom patches.

1. Custom Patches on Bridal Showers

Name patches are perfect for bridal showers. They are affordable, making them ideal for this one-time event. We will embroider or print the words “bride” and “bridesmaid” on the patches. For the attachment, we can use peel and stick backing. Your name patch will then function as stickers that you may attach on your clothes with ease.

These bridal shower patches will also act as a memorabilia. The bride can place hers on their wedding album. The bridesmaid can keep theirs to remember that they had a special participation on their friends’ big day.

2. Custom Patches on Weddings

Name patches also work great for weddings. However, if you want a more unique approach, you can create an image that will denote the bride, the groom, the principal sponsors, the maid-of-honor, the best man, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the flower girls, and etc. We will then apply your desired design on the patches of your choice. We can embroider, weave, or print the design on a polyester base.

If you want to make the bride’s and the groom’s patches more special since it is their day, we recommend that you choose metallic threads. A few additional pennies will be worth paying with these special materials.

3. Custom Patches on Cosplays

Cosplayers usually hire someone to sew their costumes for them. They make sure that they have the best costume for their exhibitions. can help you, cosplayers increase your chance of bagging the prize on different anime conventions with our custom patches.

Just give us the logo of the anime or movie that you are representing or your characters themselves and we are ready to print them out on our custom patches. With the process of dye sublimation, we are able to create realistic photographs. You can attach the patch on your costume using our iron-on backing. It is the ideal backing to use because it can secure your patch; you can guarantee that it will not fall off no matter how grand your movements would be.

4. Custom Patches as Souvenirs

Custom patches serve as souvenirs for different kinds of events. Authors can give them to their avid readers on book signing and meet-ups. They also serve as souvenirs on parties. Here at, you can order in bulk, so you will entitle for a huge discount.

5. Custom Patches on Conventions

Instead of the common cardboard name tags, we can produce name patches that you can use on different conventions or seminars. Again, these name patches also act as souvenirs after the event. The convention will be more memorable through them. The participants can also wear the patches again for other circumstances.

For this purpose, we recommend plastic backings. They will help the patch be firm and stiff. You can choose attachments such as safety pins to attach them on an article of clothing.

With these ideas, we know that you are now excited to use your custom patches for various purposes. Create a design now so that we can produce the best patches for you.