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Looking through gives a good idea for corporate giveaway or reward token for employees. We may have been thinking on how we can improve the program for our employees who have stayed with the company for more than five years. What companies usually do is give cash money and a company ring as token of appreciation for their continuous good work performances, but since the program has been in place for a long period of time, the HR department needs to be more creative and resourceful in thinking of what they could give to their employees as form of rewards. Plaques and certifications may no longer be appreciated if it is the same every year. We need something more creative and memorable to remind them of what a good performance merits.

challenge-coinsLet us say you give loyalty or tenure-based rewards for employees who have been with the company for five years, ten years and 15 years. As an idea, we suggest that you give them trophy or plaque, company ring and corporate coins respectively, other than the cash gift. The advantage of the coins compared to plaques or trophies is that they can easily place it on their wallet, the same with photos, to remind them of how the company appreciated their contributions. We at can help you design a custom coin, which your loyal employees will surely appreciate.

We are here to design and craft high quality coin, which is worthwhile to keep. We offer free artwork and design so as to ensure that the corporate coin will represent the values, culture and excellence that the organization highly regards. We want our customers to achieve full satisfaction with our service, so we offer unlimited proof revisions. We create coins using high quality materials, may it be gold, silver, bronze or other forms of light metals and we can also coat and print it in colors if you want to design it in colored logos or emblems. We deliver for free in any states of the America and if needed, we can also ship to other with an affordable shipping rate.

You can also offer corporate coins as commemorative souvenirs for your clients and stakeholders. It lasts longer and easy to keep. You can also mount it on a plaque or frame it for display. Other companies have different designs created every time they celebrate their anniversaries. It creates a hobby among participants to collect it. In turn, it becomes part of their culture. In fact, we have regular customers who ask their employees to join in a design conceptualization concept and the winner is named when they release the commemorative coin. We help enhance these designs to ensure that we will continue to produce high quality coin memorabilia for our clients.

Visit our site and find the different samples of our works. We have been producing coins for so long and we have the experience and technology that can produce unique and customized ones. We do not limit the designs on the traditional circular shapes. We can also create coins of any shape and we can incorporate your company’s symbol or emblem in the design, regardless of how complex or intricate it is.

We can even customize the edges of the coins – rope-cut, cross-cut, or wave cut designs as we have done before. We can provide different colors and hues for your corporate coins, may it be lightening the original colors of the metal, gold or silver, or even print it in colors based on your company’s brand.

Corporate-CoinsOur graphic artists are the finest in this business. If you provide us your company logo, core values and even mission-vision statement, we can immediately provide you sample designs where you can choose from. If you are not satisfied with initial design or proof, you can ask for changes without paying any additional cost. We want to make sure that we maintain our place as your partners in producing corporate coins that will represent your excellence. We understand how you value your service and commitment to your clients. In doing so, we can match your needs.

You can easily get in touch with us by visiting our website Just click on the button indicating “Free quote & art” or you may call also call us through our toll-free number. We wanted to make sure that you can reach us. You may also send inquiries through our e-mail and we will try our best to get in touch with you as soon as we see your mail.