Callaway Golf as Your Companion in Golfing

callaway-golfCallaway Golf has been a premier provider of sporting goods specifically for golfers out there since the 1980s. They have been famous for merging traditional golfing techniques with modern ones when it comes to creating their products. From equipment, to accessories, and other products, they have all sorts of things in store for the avid golfer. Among their other products are travel gears, practice aids, rangefinders, watches, headwear, golf bags, golf shoes, and even golf apparel. Today, the company distributes their products to almost 70 countries around the world.

Being primarily based in Carlsbad, California, Callaway Golf has gone a long way since it started with the Big Bertha in 1991. In fact, many modern clubs are modeled from the famous Big Bertha. Just to give you a background, Big Bertha was a driver launched in 1991. It is made of stainless steel while other drivers were still made out of persimmon wood at the time. Also, its head is relatively larger than those of other drivers in the market. Since the Big Bertha was introduced, other clubs and club lines were produced such as Great Big Bertha, Biggest Big Bertha, Great Big Bertha II, and Big Bertha 454. They also tried incorporating titanium into these lines.

Most of their products today are available through golf retailers and general sporting goods stores.

They also coordinate with mass merchants. They have online services as well where they offer trade-in and pre-owned selling.

Among the products offered by Callaway Golf are drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and balls. You may be well aware already that you need to have a good set of golf clubs to dominate in the game, whether you are a beginner or a professional. Remember, drivers and woods can be used for long shots. Irons are usually used when you are 200 yards away from your shot. Hybrids function as both wood and iron. Wedges function pretty much like irons too, but for closer distances. They are extremely useful but usually taken for granted. What’s good about these products is that they’re offered in separate sets (for men, women, and even lefties).

Callaway Golf has been known ever since to push the boundaries of innovation. They are famous for their Hyperbolic Face and Fusion technology. Most clubs they produce are built of intricate forgings and quality materials. All they want to provide is high quality equipment for their customers. A lot of golfers prefer this brand over any other in the market because they have proven enough their professionalism in delivering good golfing equipment. Also, they have proven to be very active in the online world as their website is frequently maintained and very informative. Just visiting it would allow you to discover the current news about the company as well as their latest products. They could even help you decide which model is right for you.

They also have an extensive list of celebrity and professional golfer endorsers. Among them are Arnold Palmer, Annika Sorenstam, Justin Timberlake, and Seve Ballesteros. They also promoted the iconic game of Mario Golf: World Tour between May to September 2014. They also host other worldwide tours to keep their presence known. The supremacy of the products they offer gave them recognition in 2005, having received the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. The San Diego Better Business Bureau was the awarding body for this.

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