Getting The Right Motivational Speaker For Your Company Event

We know that your employees are valuable, and that you want to motivate them so they will be become loyal to their work and to your organization. That is why you should hire the right motivational speaker.

Well, we’re often asked one question by those seeking a superb speaker – is there a right approach to choosing a speaker for a company event? First off, you may want to consider a professional speaker who is familiar with the industry your organization is involved with. That speaker should also have a customized program with the right blend of cutting-edge information and humor that will leave the audience well-informed and motivated.

The right motivational speaker – by delivering original and current business research and by telling humorous real-life stories – entertains, motivates, and educates. The speaker can effectively deliver solutions that inspired audiences may use immediately. Here, you find how motivational speaker inspired audience and motivates them.

Each keynote speech has powerful information regarding success, change, and communications that may be customized for management teams, salespeople, those in leadership positions, and customer service representatives.

Choosing A Guest Speaker

There are various criteria in choosing the best keynote speaker for your organization’s event. The best two considerations, however, are common sense and entertainment vs. message.

Keynote speakerWhen choosing your speaker, choose him/her based on your common sense and judgment. Your potential candidate may have been ‘speaking’ for a few decades, but then you find out your event is actually the speaker’s first engagement in a professional capacity. Your potential speaker may belong to an excellent association, but this may mean the speaker paid the membership dues.

Plus, the promotional material you get may be top-notch, but maybe the speaker can afford a glossy press kit. However, such credentials can belong to a speaker who is actually qualified. Thoroughly interview your candidates and use your right judgment.

The second criteria in picking your motivational speaker is entertainment vs. message. You have to decide on the mix of meaningful messages and entertainment value that you desire for your company’s program. You may encounter speakers who provide purely entertainment value, while you may also come together with speakers who solely focus on content. It’s crucial to find the right blend of entertainment and information. If you seek 30% motivational speech and 70% entertainment value, a lot of speakers can customize their speeches to fit your requirements. Let the speaker know what you exactly need.

The Best Topics For Motivation

Now that you and your motivational speaker have agreed on what topics to discuss to your audience, it’s time for your speaker to work his/her magic. There are numerous topics that your speaker is knowledgeable of. One of these topics can be making the best out of difficult situations, which is applicable to everyday existence.

Motivational SpeakerAnother motivational topic that may be discussed can be the combination of tolerance and inclusion to equate to success. In this topic, your speaker may talk about having a diverse culture in your organization that can drive the performance of your employees.

A useful topic is to motivate your employees to achieve great results. Your speaker may talk about converting talent into performance. Here, your speaker may talk on real-life leadership and management solutions to make your employees the best that they can be.

An even interesting topic that your speaker may tackle on is talking about a multi-generational workplace. This entertaining, solutions-based, and informative session explores why older and younger people don’t always agree with one another. This topic discusses solutions on what to do in the workplace to achieve multi-generational harmony.


For you organization, choose the best speaker to entertain your audience and to deliver a powerful inspirational message as well. Choose your speaker wisely. In order to create a harmonious workplace, wherein your employees systematically work together, you should get the best keynote speaker to inspire your employees to do better.

When you benefit your employees, you benefit your own organization. Hiring a competent professional keynote speaker can help you achieve your goal of keeping a harmonious workplace. Consider a lot of factors before you choose the best speaker for your next company event.

With the best keynote speaker, your audience leaves educated, entertained, energized, and alive with multiple possibilities. As we always say, only a motivational speaker with a dedication to research on what successful people do differently and an entertainment background can inspire and energize your people to achieve their potential.

Lapel Pins: How It All Started

Lapel pins have been used for a long time. There are different ways to use these pins in addition to the primary use as a lapel accessory, but how did it all begin? How did these pins become important in daily living?

Army_lapel_pinsThe pins were used in the American Civil War. Soldiers needed a way to distinguish members of each troop; therefore, they came up of brass pins with their unit number engraved on them. This was an effective way of determining each soldier’s area of service in the military. This is an efficient way to keep units in the military organized. Soldiers also garnered pride and showed camaraderie upon wearing their unit’s pins. On the other hand, they also used these pins to secure items that they carry during battle.

With this reason, the use of lapel pins was continued until World War I. Exemplary soldiers who fought and survived during the war were awarded with pins that represent valor and heroism. This is also done for the brave soldiers who served their country well but were not able to get through. The pins are then awarded to their family members, in honor of their fallen loved ones. This military method was very admired by the public that civilians even made old awarded pins as memorabilia or collectibles.

People who promoted nationalism and love for their country came up with the idea of these pins. This is why they are also used in flags and uniforms. Even the president of a country wears a pin with their flag printed on it, to show their support and love for the people.

People today were inspired by this military method hence; they developed the use for pins and modified them as their own. Organizations such as fraternities and sororities made great use of these pins. In every year, recruited members-to-be undergo an initiation process that lasts for a week. Once they have overcome these trials, they are awarded membership pins on the night of their graduation. The pins symbolize their brotherhood or sisterhood and new members were suggested to wear or keep them throughout their lives. This act shows the members loyalty and commitment.

lapel_pinsThe use of lapel pins today spread and they are now widely used in businesses, medical facilities and even to promote awareness of certain causes. Activists endorse their cause by using pins as promotional items. They are handed out to people that may put interest into their campaign. This way, they gain new members and help the growth of their group. Social causes such as Breast cancer awareness, AIDS awareness, etc also use these pins in order to spread valuable information the public.

Wearing lapel pins can also show patriotism. An example is the people of the USSR who wore these pins to show political pride for their leader, Vladimir Lenin. Another example is the people of China, who wore pins for Chairman Mao. In the United States of America, citizens wore pins in honor for those who were affected during the September 11 attack.

 Lapel pins are not just for the military or for businesses, they are also for embellishment and fandom. But still, this decoration on clothing shows support on a particular group or party whether it is in politics or in sports. These pins are symbols of support, devotion, respect and admiration. These are the main reasons why they are necessities even on today’s generation. The history of these small but valuable items has evolved into what they are known today. Their original use was not depleted but instead enhanced and stretched out for the better use of political men, the military and the general public.